based on my meeting with my gf at the airport and how she rejected me )’: (jk i hugged her anyway so she had to suffer)

okay this comic is based on my gf’s headcanon thread you’re welcome to read it it’s great and explains the gaps i left in this one

Day 2730 – 10 December 2019

A commission for Dani!



Percy and Iris…

Day 2729 – 7 December 2019

A commission for FujiWater!


Percy and Iris…

Day 2728 – 5 December 2019

The tiniest Mikaela for Kona!!!


Mysterious Neighbor AU

This follows the same premise as Hazbin but instead of hell, it takes place in New Orleans during the late 1920s. And instead of rehabilitating demons, Charlie tries to rehabilitate criminals.

With no progress on her advocation, Charlie vents to her next door neighbor, Alastor. But she is completely unaware of what the radio hosts does in his spare time.

This bitch took all my uwus



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