do you speak spanish??

not really! I understand some, but not enough to hold a conversation. my gf does tho!

your art is like, damn, it's so lovely!! I've been staring at it for half an hour now …well. that's it, that's all I meant to say. anyway, have a nice day!

aww!! thank you anon, that’s so sweet ;_;

Day 2797 – 31 March 2020

additional acnh shenanigans


paintings to learn colors and not because theyre hot

Day 2796 – 30 March 2020

A commission for theTSUBASAgirl!!


Day 2795 – 29 March 2020

A commission for Kona!! 


Day 2795 – 28 March 2020

sincerely sorry i only play this game at 3am


Yeah, I’d let her step on me

He’s a relentless motherfucker