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Get phonetic with your bad self!!!



When it’s Tuesday and you don’t have any ideas… HAHAHA!

Last night we attended our first LSU Basketball game of the season and had a great time! Thanks to all you Tigers for gettin’ us the win, and to my son for being so hilarious! 😂


While working on this @goodtype submission, I thought a lot about a moment last week when my son and I went out to pick up some food and were approached by a soft-spoken man named Chris who was looking for help. When he first addressed me, I was totally prepared to say “I don’t have any cash” or “sorry, can’t tonight.” It’s so easy to be dismissive and skeptical in these situations, but thankfully this time I wasn’t. 

I asked if he wanted something to eat, and had him come in with us. He ordered his food, looking back at me multiple times to make sure he wasn’t overstepping my generosity, but I kept urging him to get what he wanted. We were taking our food to-go, so I handed him his receipt for his food while he was getting his drink, introduced myself and offered a few words of encouragement before my son and I walked out with our to-go order. 

From the car I could see Chris settling at a table with his food. I still wasn’t completely sure if I had truly helped a person in need, but what’s the harm in offering kindness to a stranger right? 

Then my son spoke up from the back seat, and I suddenly became aware that he had witnessed the entire interaction with this stranger. He asked me a lot of questions about Chris, most of which I didn’t have answers to, and mentioned that he was a little worried when we were first approached. But the conversation was an amazing opportunity to discuss treating others with kindness, and how to safely do so in situations that seem uncomfortable. 

After our conversation he was quite for a while as we drove home, but eventually broke the silence to say probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard from him: “That was a good thing you did… I’m proud of you.” That moment and conversation was worth every penny I spend on Chris’ dinner, thank God I didn’t pass up that opportunity to be kind.

Kindness truly does matter. It matters to those who receive our kindness, AND it matters to those to witness our kindness. We expect kindness from others, but often find it hard to give. It’s not always easy, and none of us are perfect, but we don’t have to be perfect to be kind. Love y’all! ♥️

It’s HUMP DAY, y’all! Keep grindin’!

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!…”
I love this photo cause I can just see Spongebob excitedly sliding into frame with this goofy smile! Hahaha!!!

(((( GHOST ))))
We recently watched Ant-Man and Wasp so I had to do a Ghost napkin!


Always nice to start the week with a VICTORY MONDAY! Congrats to our Saints and Tigers on some big wins this weekend!