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Day 2765 – 11 February 2020

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile” 

A commission for Kona



Would Angel make me go broke? Yes sir 😳

Bruh what if Vaggie…had positive interactions outside of Charlie and made friends with the hotel staff? 😳 Nah, jk jk

Unless 👀

“You know you’re my favorite guy to party with!”

“You know it, sugar tits!”

Why use your voodoo trickster thingy when you can just flirt your way out

Mysterious Neighbor AU

This follows the same premise as Hazbin but instead of hell, it takes place in New Orleans during the late 1920s. And instead of rehabilitating demons, Charlie tries to rehabilitate criminals.

With no progress on her advocation, Charlie vents to her next door neighbor, Alastor. But she is completely unaware of what the radio hosts does in his spare time.

I thought you were serious about thinking Hazbin was problematic and I was sad for a moment before I saw you were joking. I love your Hazbin art and was worried you started hating the show

Nah, don’t worry dude. You think I’m going to let some over sensitive bitches on twitter ruin my undying love for this passion project? No. Cancel culture is fucking stupid.

EMMA VIZIEPOP REBLOGGED YOUR COMIC AHHHHHHHHHH I’m like second hand excited for you lol ❤️

Me living a blessed life knowing Viv reblogged my art:

Me realizing how cringy my art is for Hazbin Hotel and that Viv had to lay her beautiful eyes on that shit:

have you heard of hazbin hotel? I feel like Charlie would look so cool in your art style! but also I've just recently started watching and I think you would like it!

Hazbin Hotel? On my blog? I think the fuck not. I don’t deal with problematic bitches

Just fucking with you, I love Hazbin.