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return of my gf basu’s brilliant slutty eddie au, based on this version of “draw your otp” !

tumblr algorithm doesn’t like links but I gotta link back to things man

here are some reddies i haven’t posted here yet

as always the excellent hanleia idea comes from shokikita, who made me marathon all star wars movies in two weeks

based on my meeting with my gf at the airport and how she rejected me )’: (jk i hugged her anyway so she had to suffer)

okay this comic is based on my gf’s headcanon thread you’re welcome to read it it’s great and explains the gaps i left in this one

once again it’s my pokemon au with @ shokikita on twitter, complete as trainer cards! we actually have 7 for some of them but sacrifices must be made..

pokemon au with shokikita on twitter!! we assigned the losers with entire parties which was fun and challenging, only a tiny pit is mentioned here but hopefully… i get around to draw more of this

anyway eevee was her idea and it’s amazing bc it’s sooo eddie.. mine was to give richie a scorbunny  *pushes up glasses*

my gf thought up the most amazing headcanon and i’m head over heels for it 

they probably see a pomeranian dog

I haven’t drawn anything halloween themed but! i drew these as icons for me and my gf earlier this month, now is their time to shine (please don’t use)

and also speaking of her, once we learned of the It-osomatsu collaboration and screamed in terror over it, she asked me to draw the losers in the same style so of course i laughed in her face and did exactly that

a lot of people on my ig speculated the song eddie is laughing at richie for is “eddie my love”, but you can just run with your imagination really!

the last days of inktober, 22-31! last one is entirely self indulgent because I can.