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Here’s some doodles of BNHA girls to keep my account active

This is canon and you can’t change my mind

//click on the image for better quality because Tumblr likes to fuck it up 

As a KiriBaku shipper, drawing them in these costumes was obligatory.

Midnight is just trying to be the best wingman she can be for her awkward ass friends 

This took a  W H O L E  lot longer than I expected it to take. Anyways, have some EraserMight <3


You think you help me out by giving me some drawing suggestions for BNHA? Cause all I want to do right now is draw BNHA but I’m empty on ideas.

Much appreciated! 💕//also suggestions for BNHA ships is completely acceptable

⚠️Warning! Spoilers ahead!⚠️
I’m honestly disgusted by how some of the fans of BNHA are reacting to the recent chapters. Some fans are even sending death threats to Horikoshi. Look, you don’t have to like Endeavor and it’s fine if you hate him with every fiber of your being. But you know what’s not fine? Throwing a fit how how a author writes /his/ story and even sends death threats. I understand every fandom has its problems but this is not acceptable.

Endeavor is a well written character. Even if he isn’t morally correct. I’m not excusing his past actions. But just like Bakugou, Endeavor deserves a chance of redemption. I love the complexity of Bakugou’s character but I don’t understand why the fandom is easy to forgive him for the shitty things he’s done but offers no chance for Endeavor to make a comeback. The scene where Todoroki yells out to his father that he’s watching…it pulled on my heart strings. I find it sweet that despite what Endeavor has done in the past, Todoroki still cares about him. Endeavor is making strides to be a better father and hero for Todoroki and his family. I’m not asking you to like Endeavor but instead give him a chance of redemption. If Bakugou—the one who told Midoriya to kill himself—was granted a chance of redemption, Endeavor should as well.

Anyone else think it’s adorable how Nezu just casually hung into Aizawa’s scarf?

Just some lazy doodles

Redraw of my favorite scene from season three.