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What fandoms are you in? Also pick a favorite media 👁👁

I’m currently kinda in between fandoms right now!

I’m watching South Park from the beginning cuz I never did (finished s4 yesterday), and I’m watching some stuff from this season that I like! Like oshi ga budoukan and runway de waratte!

Also went back to watch this season of hq with my gf and my old love comes back so easily 😢 love all those idiots

I’ve also recently watched most of futari wa precure! Still need to finish but I love the girls!!

Uhh with media I’m gonna guess you mean drawing media? Digital will always be my favorite but I also like having fun with diff traditional media every once in a while (most recent one is posca!)

EMMA VIZIEPOP REBLOGGED YOUR COMIC AHHHHHHHHHH I’m like second hand excited for you lol ❤️

Me living a blessed life knowing Viv reblogged my art:

Me realizing how cringy my art is for Hazbin Hotel and that Viv had to lay her beautiful eyes on that shit:

Dib beating his classmates to a bloody pulp got Zim feeling some type of way

Is levi a top… Or a bottom…. Or switch??

Levi is 100% a bottom bitch and nobody can change my mind about that

Although a lot of people believe him to the top because of the energy he brings. For me, he’s got bottom energy.

She’s got a death wish 

//also thank you very much sweetie!! It really touches me that you like my art <3 

Hi anon! sorry, but I don’t really like having double posts so I will repost only the comic here, under the cut

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