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Are you still into attack on titan?

Don’t get me wrong, still absolutely adore the show. But the lack of activity has drastically declined since the first season. I guess because it took so long for the second season to come out? It felt pretty empty when the second season emerged. And the last season is about to come out which from what I’ve seen, nobody really talks about?

I dunno, it’s not really fun to be in a dead fandom. Especially when it started out with the popularity AoT did in the beginning. It makes me kind of sad tbh

Is levi a top… Or a bottom…. Or switch??

Levi is 100% a bottom bitch and nobody can change my mind about that

Although a lot of people believe him to the top because of the energy he brings. For me, he’s got bottom energy.

A commission for Eren being a drunk mess and spewing his feelings out. Along with his dinner.

When you take your antisocial bf out clubbing

This is a kind of old drawing but I thought it’d be cute to draw Levi wearing one of my outfits. And Eren diggin’ it 👀

Levi blushing is the most adorable thing to ever exist and nothing can ever change my mind on that

Part 2/2 

Sorry but I like to imagine Kenny is highkey protective of his one and only family member. 

Part ½

A domestic AU where Levi is a senior in high school who lives with his uncle who just had recently been released from prison. 

Now Eren gets the pleasure to finally meet him.

Got em

I’m a little late but Happy Halloween everybody!!! Of course I had to draw my favorite dorks for the occasion vuv