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Ok you got a yellow cure and a blue cure but where's the pink cure?

i came up with the girls first and assigned colors that I thought suited them! I kinda like how it’s non-traditional and doesn’t have a pink lead so I haven’t thought of adding one either. I did think of a possibility of adding another “later” in the plot but i haven’t figured it out yet… or really know what color to make it

Who re the characters in your banner pic? :0

they’re Obami Rin and Ibara, from kakegurui! they appear in season 2 of the anime or later in the manga and they’re my favorite characters from the series

do you speak spanish??

not really! I understand some, but not enough to hold a conversation. my gf does tho!

your art is like, damn, it's so lovely!! I've been staring at it for half an hour now …well. that's it, that's all I meant to say. anyway, have a nice day!

aww!! thank you anon, that’s so sweet ;_;

What fandoms are you in? Also pick a favorite media 👁👁

I’m currently kinda in between fandoms right now!

I’m watching South Park from the beginning cuz I never did (finished s4 yesterday), and I’m watching some stuff from this season that I like! Like oshi ga budoukan and runway de waratte!

Also went back to watch this season of hq with my gf and my old love comes back so easily 😢 love all those idiots

I’ve also recently watched most of futari wa precure! Still need to finish but I love the girls!!

Uhh with media I’m gonna guess you mean drawing media? Digital will always be my favorite but I also like having fun with diff traditional media every once in a while (most recent one is posca!)

I live your drawings of the slutty!eddie au so much and your art style in general, of course, is lovely. Thank you for creating such great content

thank you!!! I love the slutty eddie au as if he was my own son.. (he isn’t though and i’m gonna plug my gf again tho because it’s not the only great idea she’d had)

I’m happy to know you enjoy my art 💕

can i use your reddie as hanleia fanart as an icon?

sure, just credit me in a visible place please

where can i find your FAQ?

it’s very outdated but here

Hi 😁 I would like to invite you to participate in this Event 🤗 #HetaliaXmasEvent

aww, thank you, that’s sweet! but I got over hetalia like 9 years ago..!

Do you have a YouTube?

I do not but I will probably make one to post my animatic once it’s finished…