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I live your drawings of the slutty!eddie au so much and your art style in general, of course, is lovely. Thank you for creating such great content

thank you!!! I love the slutty eddie au as if he was my own son.. (he isn’t though and i’m gonna plug my gf again tho because it’s not the only great idea she’d had)

I’m happy to know you enjoy my art 💕

can i use your reddie as hanleia fanart as an icon?

sure, just credit me in a visible place please

where can i find your FAQ?

it’s very outdated but here

Hi 😁 I would like to invite you to participate in this Event 🤗 #HetaliaXmasEvent

aww, thank you, that’s sweet! but I got over hetalia like 9 years ago..!

Do you have a YouTube?

I do not but I will probably make one to post my animatic once it’s finished…

Are you into fire emblem at all? If so, I'd like to kno your thoughts on the new one

I am not, i’ve never played any of the gamea whatsoever! but without knowing a lot about it i’m quite fond of fe3h from an outsider perspective. the characters seem lovable, the ships are attractive, fanart ofc is godly, and I love love love the outfit designs.. the uniform variations especially but mcs too.. everything is so nice to look at!

usually I get quietly annoyed by a fandom i’m not into being shoved into my throat but I like seeing fe3h stuff.. thank @ my tl for showing me nice things

Not the anon who wrote "Youre beautiful, youre graceful, Im gonna make you thrive, I give you $200" but theres this meme of dr phil in which he says "you're ugly, you're disgraceful, i'm gonna kill you, give me $200" just so you dont get creeped out the op (or original asker???) probably did this as a joke & also bc you do seem like the nicest person based on your blog anyways hope you have a great day!!!!

OHH okay thank you!! i mean i figured it was jokey since i didnt really get money HAHA but it’s good to know for sure

who are your favorite utena characters!

dfgdfg okay this is almost tragic but.. mostly the gu..ys…

my big favs are saionji, nanami and mikage, then touga and utena! I also love miki cuz he’s a cutie but he’s not fav tier

Any advice on someone who’s trying to better themselves after a hard breakup?

hhh i haven’t experienced a hard breakup yet, so I’m gonna suggest what sounds right to me

try to find and appreciate yourself as an individual again.. find old or new things that you love and excite you and become “you” again.. then continue from there. i think? take your time

Do you have any other ships on Kakegurui aside from Ibarin? (Also im forever thankful for your ibarin contribution, they need more love)

yes!! I also like kirari/sayaka and mary/ririka!! sayaka is my 2nd best girl so i was so happy for her ;_; and ririka and mary are sooo cute.. i also think sumeragi and mayuda are cute but my feelings are less intense about them