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Day 2795 – 28 March 2020

sincerely sorry i only play this game at 3am


Day 2794 – 24 March 2020

A commission for Scott!!


Day 2793 – 23 March 2020

A commission for Emmet


Day 2792 – 22 March 2020

A commission for @KyrieLowell!!


Day 2791 – 21 March 2020

As long as these good boys are with me on this island, I’m quite content


Day 2790 – 20 March 2020



Day 2789 – 19 March 2020

A commission for pacha!


Day 2788 – 18 March 2020



Commissions are currently open!

5 slots, first come first serve.

Thank y’all for reading and I hope you stay safe in these crazy times!! 

★ What you’ll get ★

♪ A doodle of your OC/fanart of choice ♪

– Multiple characters OK
– A simple background
You can view older commission thingos I did here!

★ Starting prices per character ★

Full body – 120 USD

Half body – 90 USD

Bust-up/Portrait – 80 USD

Note: When designing characters from scratch or for characters with a high level of detail, an additional fee applies.

★ Add-ons ★

Complex background – 100 USD

★ Stuff I’d rather not draw ★

Hardcore R18 things.  I reserve the right to decline commissions that I’m not comfortable with. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to ask!!

★ Guidelines ★

– All commissions are for personal use only. Please contact me if you’d like something for commercial use!
– All payments via Paypal, USD only please.
– I’ll start work after receiving the full payment.

– Please feel free to request poses/expressions or things like whether you want it to be more chibi etc. Not doing so means you’re leaving it up to me!
– I’ll do my best to finish all commissions within 15 working days of payment. Let me know if you need it at a specific date!
– The final file is usually an A4 sized jpg or png at 300dpi, but if you have something else in mind please let me know!

– Finished commissions will be posted on my social media sites like tumblr and twitter. If you’d prefer otherwise, please mention it during the order.
– If you’d like to be tagged on tumblr/twitter, please remember to tell me your url!

★ Terms and Conditions ★

For all commissions, the artist (that’s me!) keeps ownership to copyrights to artwork and retains rights to feature the image in illustration books/zines. The artwork will never be used without the client’s (that’s you!) permission.

★ Contact ★

If you’re interested or have any questions, please email me @ projecttigera[at] Sometimes tumblr eats my asks, please keep this in mind if you send me asks about commissions!

Thanks for reading yo!

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Day 2787 – 16 March 2020

A commission!