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gentlemenfck: These are from a less known comp…


These are from a less known company.

They come in single density and upgrade multi density hyperrealistic. Circumcised to uncircumcised. Sizes range from 5, 6,7, and 11 inches. They have two different backs. Packer style which can be worn with medical adhesive and dildo back worn with a harness. They do color match for all skin tones. They have flaccid and erect models.

They have video of their 6 inch prosthetic (with dildo back) showing off its realism and the amazing moving 3D testicles.

**EDIT** Here is a link to a review between Sithetics and Reel Magiks soft pack and play/pack options.,159384.msg1376143.html#msg1376143

Very Detailed review.





“drugs are good because drugs keep you …

“drugs are good because drugs keep you calm”

iwillmissthisworld: i flit over to @drawdroid…


i flit over to @drawdroid every so often to check out their OCs/art, especially Aaron and Camilla, who i really, really like a lot. i like the brightness of their character against the bleakness of their environment, and part of me is sad that i never got to experience what it’s like to grow up as a weird kid in america, as shitty as it might be sometimes

i wanted to capture that feeling i get about A & C and Oliver’s art, i don’t think i ever saw Aaron playing a guitar but i went with writing a song from Aaron’s perspective, skimming through Oliver’s OC tag for lyric reference

i guess this is a fan song?

lyrics below the cut!

graffiti on the wall
out the sunroof standing tall
if my dad knew what i knew
he wouldn’t think he knows it all

you didn’t like the shirt and tie
looking back i can see why
but all the cigarettes and drugs 
made it up til the booze dried out

i like your hair and i think you’re pretty cool
it’s a shame you’re stuck hanging out with such a loser
but driving round town
and checking sun down from the ferris wheel
makes me glad we bend the rules

they say you’re a bad influence
and i’d bet my 50 cents that they’re right
but when you showed up at my door 
asking to sleep on the couch
i remembered why i skip class with you
cuz your soul burns bright

through vomit, hepatitis and the flu

i don’t know what i’d do without you



ya’ll already know its ya favorite lesb…

ya’ll already know its ya favorite lesbeens Kitty and Bunny

-Look! That’s the place I was talking a…

-Look! That’s the place I was talking about.
-No way in Hell am I going in there first.

me: *googles “can your body start decom…

me: *googles “can your body start decomposing while youre still alive?”*