gentlemenfck: These are from a less known comp…


These are from a less known company.

They come in single density and upgrade multi density hyperrealistic. Circumcised to uncircumcised. Sizes range from 5, 6,7, and 11 inches. They have two different backs. Packer style which can be worn with medical adhesive and dildo back worn with a harness. They do color match for all skin tones. They have flaccid and erect models.

They have video of their 6 inch prosthetic (with dildo back) showing off its realism and the amazing moving 3D testicles.

**EDIT** Here is a link to a review between Sithetics and Reel Magiks soft pack and play/pack options.,159384.msg1376143.html#msg1376143

Very Detailed review.