Hello! I sent you a question before, probably …

Hello! I sent you a question before, probably tumblr ate it, so i am sending again, sorry.. First, i really like your style! I was wondering if you have any tips for beginner artists? I am a college student (studying chemistry) so i cannot go to an art school now. I couldn't find a good teacher and i don't have too much income and time to study with a teacher. Do you think it's enough to study myself? Also do you think it's late for me to start again cus i am 25? Sending much love from Turkey!

Hello, and thank you!

First of all, it’s never ever too late. 25 is young and you have your whole life ahead of you to get into art if you decide to pursue it. I haven’t had any formal education in art myself, but there are so many resources online that you can definitely pursue art on your own if you’re motivated to learn!

Croquis cafe on YouTube it a decent free resource for doing figure studies if you can’t attend a live one!

Schoolism classes aren’t free, but last I checked I think you could subscribe to a prerecorded class for ten bucks a month. I don’t know if that’s changed though!

If anyone else in the comments has any recommendations for good resources, throw em out there.