iwillmissthisworld: i flit over to @drawdroid…


i flit over to @drawdroid every so often to check out their OCs/art, especially Aaron and Camilla, who i really, really like a lot. i like the brightness of their character against the bleakness of their environment, and part of me is sad that i never got to experience what it’s like to grow up as a weird kid in america, as shitty as it might be sometimes

i wanted to capture that feeling i get about A & C and Oliver’s art, i don’t think i ever saw Aaron playing a guitar but i went with writing a song from Aaron’s perspective, skimming through Oliver’s OC tag for lyric reference

i guess this is a fan song?

lyrics below the cut!

graffiti on the wall
out the sunroof standing tall
if my dad knew what i knew
he wouldn’t think he knows it all

you didn’t like the shirt and tie
looking back i can see why
but all the cigarettes and drugs 
made it up til the booze dried out

i like your hair and i think you’re pretty cool
it’s a shame you’re stuck hanging out with such a loser
but driving round town
and checking sun down from the ferris wheel
makes me glad we bend the rules

they say you’re a bad influence
and i’d bet my 50 cents that they’re right
but when you showed up at my door 
asking to sleep on the couch
i remembered why i skip class with you
cuz your soul burns bright

through vomit, hepatitis and the flu

i don’t know what i’d do without you