I’m sorry you’re getting so many crappy anons!! The tumblr hivemind is getting so bad lately. I love seeing your art on my dash (even if I don’t know the series/ship). I hope this blows over soon and you can feel comfortable posting here!

thank you! tbh, i didn’t get any mean asks after those first three, mostly supportive messages which was really nice. but I also don’t really worry about it, tumblr hasn’t been my main platform for years, and in recent years i’ve only come here to ‘dump some art’ occasionally. those who want to unfollow can unfollow 


I’m still going to keep posting here for sure! If anyone’s interested i’m kinda.. uh.. more active on twitter..! I haven’t been drawing much lately because of block then became super busy but everything I do draw goes up there first. it’s @ shouriii !