I don't necessarily think people are call…

I don't necessarily think people are calling you problematic for being Israeli nor are people being anti-Semitic to you… I think people are just calling you out for being a problematic artist? No one is calling you out for being Israeli, however they are calling you out for being anti-Palestine

uhhh but the whole “problematic content” thing was only brought up because I Am Israeli. and Israel is doing shit rn. I mean, I never hid any of my content. it’s all right there, I don’t even delete it.
and other than my last ask I literally never expressed myself here on Palestinian matters so how am I anti-Palestinian is beyond me.

if you ask me, being Israeli is a problem because being pro-Israel is a problem. and people who love hating on Israel are the same people who’d be antis in fandoms. it’s a hivemind that there’s only black or white and you must choose the white to be considered a proper human being. so now that some people realized I’m Israeli (tho it’s been in my bio for years) it’s also time to dig up how else am I problematic *shrug*