Hi, so you said "you can only benefit fro…

Hi, so you said "you can only benefit from informing yourself on both sides of the conflict" and I agree. I'm relatively new on your blog and frankly I'm here for Homestuck :). I honestly don't know what's going on and I was wondering if you could explain it a bit from your perspective. Thanks in advance!

honestly, I don’t really think I can explain the entire conflict.. there’s too much I’m uninformed about and nuances I don’t know, or only know through Israeli media. I did run into this article a while back which I thought was an interesting read https://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/262329/gaza-media-explainer
as for what’s going on right now… I’m also not really sure. here’s what I know about the Israeli side:
for months Hamas has been protesting near the gazan border and the situation in the area has been tense. meanwhile they’ve also been sending over flaming kites, balloons and whatever and have burnt a ridiculous mileage of fields (look up the numbers tbh, it updates every day). in recent 2? or so months they’ve also been launching rockets occasionally at nearby villages, to which the idf usually answers to. and the world usually responds to Israel’s response, haha.

I actually lived in the area for 4 years, since my school is in Sderot, which is nearby. there were fires both outside and inside my school so far (set off by balloons). I also Just moved out last week which is apparently when everything started going to shit so I’m not as well informed about what’s happening right now. I heard the rockets launching got a lot more frequent tho..
as for the gazan side.. I really don’t know a lot so I rather not say anything uninformed. I think the situation they have to survive in is beyond dreadful and I am not in favor of the Israeli government’s views so I will also not defend its actions. but I won’t live in shame for being an Israeli.