gumicollab: gumicollab: 🎉💕✨HAPPY 9TH BIRTHD…




Full sized image can be seen over here. A huge huge thank you to the 93 artists who participated this year, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Our website for this year @gumicollab2018 was designed by Hikusa. The original music on the website is written by CrusherP/Cien and fruutella! Special thanks to PD for organising gumicollab every year.

Please check out our tumblr, twitter and discord for the latest gumicollab news.

Finally, a very happy birthday to Gumi, whose voice has brought all of us together. See you again next year! is now open! 

Please note that autoplay is not enabled so go press play in the bottom left hand corner to listen to the original song! Thank you very much for your patience!