Hopefully you don't get this too much, bu…

Hopefully you don't get this too much, but do you have any advice for somebody looking to start a project like this? I've been inspired a bit lol. Regardless, keep up the amazing work.

Project..? I’m guessing this is about the daily doodle thing 


((Well if it’s not you can ignore the bit below lol))

I think it comes down to two things, that I like to draw, and the self discipline needed to keep it up. 

A lot of y’all probably have the “I like to draw” part down much better than I do lol, so I figure I should elaborate a bit more on the second. I usually put aside a little time to draw; how much you can put aside varies from person to person. When I was a student I had far more time; then I moved out and started working full time, the time I could spare was cut short quite dramatically, so every minute is precious now. 

Of course, you’ve probably noticed by now, that I do not actually manage to post every single day. Some days I don’t finish on time, some days I have other things to do, some days I’m out travelling, some days I’m just plain tired after work. Initially, when I started, it became a borderline obsession to post at least //something// everyday..(Old followers may recall the stickman and blob days) but now I do wonder if it’s all worth it. I’ve grown to prefer posting something Nice™ than something just for the sake of posting. (perhaps that bit is part of my Character Development ™

for this season. )

A note though – I am occasionally paralyzed by my lack of ability to draw something nice. It happens more often than I’d like to admit, and I for one, do not really like posting things I do not take pride in. But the original intent of this blog was to be able to draw things and accept them even if they did not come out perfect, so I do need to remind myself from time to time.

Not everything you draw needs to have meaning, not everything you do needs to be a masterpiece, it’s quite alright imo to draw sparkly vocaloid headshots for a whole week just because //you// felt like it.

I think this is the hardest thing for me to accept; that we are only as good as our worst drawing.. but then again, if everything I drew came out perfect, I don’t think I’d still bother to do so.