I uh…drew this for you. Idk how this works it …

I uh…drew this for you. Idk how this works it took me years to build up the courage to actually send it. I have other art if you want to see, at obissyannaart on Da. Sorry I have really bad social anxiety so if my typing is shit I’m sorry cause my fingers are shaking so bad.


Oh my goodness!!! You drew this for /me/? I’m speechless darling…thank you!! I’m sorry you were a bit shaken and hesitated to send your beautiful art to me. But I can tell you it was such a pleasant surprise! I literally was jumping up and down on my bed last night when I saw this message ahhhh 

I don’t mean to blabber but I love your art! It’s so pleasing to the eye and it’s an adorable style, I love it to pieces! And let me tell you, I snorted loudly when I read this cute comic strip because that’s SO Levi omg

Darling, I understand having social anxiety but don’t ever hesitate to message me! I’m more than happy to speak with you. <3 I’ll admit that I have a bad habit of responding to messages kinda late but I can guarantee that I will eventually get to it!

But thank you so so so much for drawing this for me! I’m extremely proud of you overcame your anxiety and sent this to me, I honestly love it so much! Thank you thank you thank youuuu <3 <3 <3