hey i know ur 24 but as a minor (under 18) could u maybe not make an oc w the whole ‘she has to run around in a skirt w no underwear ! someone might see her privates ! haha !’ thing going on. things like this make ppl my age v uncomfortable, esp when made by an adult, as it contributes to the casual sexualization of children

I appreciate your concern anon, but she wears several pairs, as she as well doesn’t want to run around like you described, and only uses long range weapons to keep a safe distance from whatever.

the idea was to create an interesting contrast between her character, to her quirk while using an uncomfortable quirk to the user, because i like the challenge. I understand if my explanation doesn’t convince you, and you’re still uncomfortable by it but I have no intention of disrespecting her as a character! I like her a lot and the idea is finding solutions to her very uncomfortable quirk.